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Find out why we're focused, capable and committed to driving our consultant's careers.


Our philosophy is to provide our clients with the best management services and make them profitable, we do this by looking after our consultants by offering them something extra; more personal, more rewarding and more professional opportunities. Our values are based on our consultants, they define how we work and how we deliver our services. Nobody is more focused, capable and committed to driving our consultant’s careers forward than us.


Our consultants are experts in their field; they provide our clients with a wealth of experience, a record of success and enable them to complete projects to the very highest standard. They wouldn’t be Centaur consultants unless they could offer all this and much more.


Our consultants work for a diverse range of companies in the public and private sectors; spanning diverse industries, such as energy, financial services, aviation and telecommunications and Hospitality. Each consultant has extensive industry knowledge and experience, allowing them to offer their clients business insight which helps them set new standards of excellence in their industries. We provide them the freedom to do this so they can maximise their rewards.

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